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Employees mark milestone anniversaries at UT Southwestern

UTSW employees recall special moments in their years of service.

August 10-14 marks Employee Recognition Week at UT Southwestern. Employees celebrating work anniversaries for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 years are being acknowledged for their contributions to the institution. Thank you to all who make UTSW a great place to work!

Watch the video as employees share their favorite moments about working at UTSW.


[Helen Foreman]

I’m going to try and not crack any jokes. (laughing) 

[Arthur Cash]

I’ve done this once before.


Then you’re a pro.

[Arthur Cash]

No. (laughing)

[Helen Foreman]

I think my time here at UT Southwestern has been great and exciting.

My job as a bed control coordinator is I assign rooms to patients, keeping track of everything that’s going on throughout the hospital.

I like working with the patients and the doctors' offices and everyone. I like working with everyone and I love my co-workers.

I’m proud to be here at UT Southwestern and I’m glad that everyone appreciates what I’m doing and how I do my work and how I’m willing to help everyone out.

[Frances Eubanks]

I think my 40 years here has been a blessing to my life.

In research I feel like I’m part of doing something that’s going to help the babies – that eventually will get to the bedside and change what’s done at the bedside to help babies.

One of my most memorable moments, I guess, in this career is when we had the quintuplets born at St. Paul – Clements and just taking care of those babies and following them. I’m still friends with the mom. She lives in Papua New Guinea and they’re seven years old now.

I’m proud to be an employee at UT Southwestern, I think, mostly because I feel like it’s a cutting-edge school that provides quality care and quality research and it’s exciting to be a part of that and to say I’ve been a part of it for this long.

[Madeline Kirven-Gamble]

My time here has been wonderful. I enjoy the people I work with. I enjoy the work. It’s challenging and it’s just a family-oriented place and it’s just like being at home.

I am very proud to be an employee at UT Southwestern. Seeing the hospital and being involved in making the go-live happen and staying on target, it was really great. And then when I see the commercials on the television for Clements University Hospital it makes me really proud. That’s my hospital. 

[Arthur Cash]

There’s constant growth. I’m constantly learning, constantly challenging myself.

Hard working. Willing to help. I just love people. So even if it’s not my task, if I have the knowledge and stuff I will take out the time to help.

First of all, my dad, he told me to stay here. He worked in a hospital as well. He worked at the VA Medical Center in Dallas, so he felt like this was a good institution where there would be growth and that I could also build on my accounting and go to other positions as well. Which I have done.

My dad would be very proud that I stayed here and hung in there.

[Stephen Osterman]

I’d describe the last 30 years as awesome at UT Southwestern Medical Center and many more years to come.

I work in a research lab at UT Southwestern and I do all the autoclaving all the dishwashing around the labs and pick up all the trash and stock all the supplies in about 8-9 labs every day.

My colleagues would describe me as outgoing. I have smiles on my face every day.

I love helping people. I love going out of my way to help people out.

It’s been awesome.

[Orlando Salazar]

I’ve seen so much growth, so much change with the addition of the hospitals and moving in the direction.

I can walk anywhere on campus and I said, ‘Hey, I helped do that. Hey, I actually redid that road. I put that light in. We did this. We improved that. That new sidewalk is really working out, everybody is utilizing that. Look at these new trees we installed. Look at the development.’

We started out with some small little changes and all of the sudden it’s matured and it’s just a complete transformation of space.

We have a small courtyard on south campus – we call it K courtyard  and for a longtime it was just a utilities minefield. I saw it as an opportunity to make this a place where you want to come and unwind and relax and feel connected with the environment.

I was a part of everything. I did the design, the installation, the maintenance. I was a part of all of that.

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