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Blossoming in Frisco: UTSW clinical manager focused on serving her community

Daffodil Baez, Assistant Director of Clinical Operations at UT Southwestern Frisco, is happily serving her neighbors at the medical institution's new location.

Daffodil Beaz stands out with a unique name and as the Assistant Director of Clinical Operations at UT Southwestern Frisco. She has a big responsibility to make sure day-to-day operations run smoothly, and as the site continues to blossom she remains focused on how best to serve patients. 

Learn more about the developments at UT Southwestern Frisco here.


My name is Daffodil Baez.

I'm the only Daffodil I know.
A patient once asked if I'd been born in a garden, and I almost said yes to her because it was such a good story.
My role is managing the day-to-day operations for the UT Southwestern Medical Center at Frisco.
I’m kind of a health care geek. I just always knew that that’s how I wanted to make my impact in the world.
I am new to Frisco. A couple things drew me. First of all, it was very clear that Frisco was growing. There’s innovation here that’s happening. Secondly, though, is actually a very personal reason. I’m the primary caretaker for one of my grandmothers. That’s what community is all about. We take care of each other.
What is exciting about Frisco is that you are right around the corner from world-class care.
You can see that outline of the hospital all the way from Prosper. It’s a beacon of community, and so we are absolutely excited to serve our neighbors and friends here.
There’s going to be plenty of cool stuff at UT Southwestern in Frisco.
Environmental awareness was an active part of the design process. We have a park, a cistern, low-energy windows, and things like that to ensure that the buildings are as efficient as possible.
The most exciting part is what’s going on inside the building. We have over 15 specialties, both children and adults.
We have everything from robotic surgery to cameras that take real-time footage of your insides. It can then be downloaded and sent straight to your tablet at home.
We will also have audiologists who will be able to run a hearing aid program. We have two audio booths that are completely encapsulated. When you stand inside one of those booths, and they’re sealed, you can actually hear your own heartbeat.
It doesn’t get much better than that.
Plus, it’s in my own backyard now. So that’s awesome.
I’m just so excited, so excited, to be a part of this project. You know, you put your little drop in the bucket.
We just want to be part of the journey of Frisco blossoming. 

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