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Charlotte Washington: 30 years

Smiling woman with long gray hair, wearing a black, gray, and magenta blouse that belts at the waist.
Charlotte Washington

Medical Assistant
Obstetrics and Gynecology

First UTSW job: Phlebotomist in 1993.

Best part about my job: New life. I love hearing about the reaction of new dads and the grandfathers, and as a mom, I can relate to how it is for women.

How co-workers describe me: Caring, funny, compassionate, nurturing, happy, joyful, helpful.

Best UTSW memory: Any holiday that has a theme for me to dress in character.

I’m really good at: Taking pictures! I love capturing people in the eye of the camera to “remember when.”

Claim to fame: None at this time, but life’s not over.

Final note: I love doing family activities and church activities. I love longevity: I’ve been here for 30 years, and I’m celebrating my church being around for 100 years.

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