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Latonya Spencer: 30 years

Smiling woman with dark hair wearing a gray and white jacket over a gray lace blouse.
Latonya Spencer

Billing Specialist II
Medical Service Research and Development Plan (MSRDP) – Front End Revenue Cycle

First UTSW job: Administrative Assistant in Accounting in 1993.

Best part about my job: In my current position as a Billing Specialist MSRDP – Front End Revenue Cycle, I enjoy working from home and not having to commute in traffic two hours a day. I also enjoy running across patients from MHC, the program I once worked for, and knowing they are doing OK.

How co-workers describe me: A team player with a quiet, calm spirit when working and always willing to help others.

Best UTSW memory: Hosting a garage sale in the July Texas heat to raise money for Dallas County patients in our Mental Health Connections (MHC) program, which provided home visits involving therapy and counseling, helped with medications and miscellaneous bills, and removed barriers to connect patients with outpatient clinics to prevent them from showing up in the Psych ER for medication.

I wish I was an expert at: Being a humanitarian and raising money for those in need, especially the mentally ill population.

Passion: Participating in a worldwide Bible study group as a discussion leader in class on Saturday mornings at 6:20.

Claim to fame: I have a profound sense of humor and am a wonderful storyteller.

Final note: I have two adult children and four grandchildren.

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