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Brenda Pallares: 25 years

Smiling woman with highlighted brown hair, wearing a dark sweater over a green striped blouse.
Brenda Pallares

Administrative Coordinator
Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute

First UTSW job: Administrative Staff Assistant I.

Best part about my job: I take pride in the depth of responsibilities entrusted to me by O’Donnell Brain Institute leadership. I have made lifelong friendships with co-workers that I will carry with me long after my time at UT Southwestern.

How co-workers describe me: A team player who is always willing to help out when needed. Also that I can be pretty funny sometimes.

Funniest UTSW memory: One of the elevators near my work area got stuck with someone inside, and I called Facilities to assist after hearing a voice. When the Facilities person arrived, he said he’d need to call for help and would be right back, adding, “Don’t go anywhere.” To which I replied, “Where is she going? She is stuck in an elevator!”

Hobbies: I’m a big baseball fan. I picked it up from my dad. I remember him faithfully watching every Texas Rangers game he could when I was growing up. I was thrilled when the Rangers won the World Series – and my dad would’ve been too.

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