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Jeff D. Naggi: 30 years

Man with dark hair and a large dark mustache, wearing a cobalt blue vest over a long-sleeved white shirt.
Jeff D. Naggi

Pharmacy Purchasing Coordinator
Acute Care Inpatient Pharmacy

First UTSW job: Inpatient pharmacy/IV room and working in the narcotic vault in 1993.

Best part about my job: Working with my team and making sure we do our best at our jobs so that we ensure the hospital has medications to take care of our patients.

How co-workers describe me: They call me the Tetris King. I like to organize and have things in order, and I can look at things and know how they will fit in a specific space.

Unusual UTSW memory: One of my most unique experiences was working with one of the nuns at the former St. Paul University Hospital and taking her home to the convent each day. I also got to take the nuns on small trips to the store or to my home to see all of my farm animals and all the wildflowers – bluebonnets – in the spring.

I’m really good at: Putting things together and fixing them.

Hobbies: Watercolor painting, building projects, and gardening. I have a greenhouse of succulents, orchids, and citrus trees.

Surprising fact: I make wedding, birthday, and 3D cakes.

Claim to fame: My baked goods.

Final note: I hope to retire from UTSW and enjoy my hobbies and family.

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