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Her inspiration: Playing a small role in UTSW discoveries

Smiling woman with dark hair in a page-boy cut, wearing a striking chartreuse blouse. On white banner with-Jeanetta P. Marshburn-Wynn, Research Assistant II, Department of Molecular Biology, and blue Employee Recognition Program logo.

In 1988, Jeanetta Marshburn-Wynn accepted her first position at UT Southwestern as an Animal Technician in the Animal Resource Center. She will always remember the warm welcome she received from her supervisor, who suggested she explore the many opportunities for professional growth at UTSW.

“We discussed what the department could offer me and what I could offer the department,” she says. “She helped me set goals that would lead me on a path to success.”

Today, Ms. Marshburn-Wynn is honored for 35 years of service and her exceptional commitment to UTSW. Through the years, she has witnessed extraordinary progress and growth on campus.

“I love working with our researchers, and I find great satisfaction knowing that my efforts help my co-workers in their studies,” she says. “I enjoy playing a small part in the discoveries being made.”

Early in her career, Ms. Marshburn-Wynn learned as much as she could about her job and became inspired by the role of biomedical research leading to better treatments for disease. Her co-workers appreciate her loyalty and willingness to go above and beyond, always with a smile and sunny disposition.

Being at UTSW has broadened her horizons and helped her grow as a person.

“At UTSW, I have met people of different nationalities and cultures, and I love listening to them describe their lives. Through their stories, I’ve learned a lot about the world,” she says.

Ms. Marshburn-Wynn looks forward to fun activities on campus, such as food-themed events. Outside of work, she cherishes time with her grandsons, enjoys gardening and other DIY activities, and explores animal and plant life during visits to national parks.

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