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Julia Luong: 25 years

Registered Nurse II – Critical Care
7 Blue Medical-Surgical ICU, William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital

First UTSW job: Registered Nurse on the Medical-Surgical floor.

Best part about my job: Helping the new nurses and sharing my years of experiences as a teacher and preceptor.

What energizes me at work: Fulfilling my dream of ministry and helping people by bringing them comfort and healing. Earning the trust of patients and families.

How co-workers describe me: Funny, quiet, and always on time. If I’m not early, they’d know something is going on with me. If anyone had a question about the job, my colleagues would encourage them to ask me, because I know everything.

I’m really good at: Troubleshooting equipment.

Hobbies: Cooking healthy, yummy vegan versions of restaurant dishes. Visiting beaches in Florida to breathe the clean air and relax.

Claim to fame: I’m straightforward and I have no filter, but I treat people with respect.

Final note: My work is challenging, but it’s what I love. I look forward to continuing my career adventure with UT Southwestern.

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