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Sharon Jackson: 30 years

Smiling woman with short back curls, wearing a blue shirt printed with UT Southwestern Medical Center logo.
Sharon Jackson

Nutrition Services Attendant
Nutrition Services

First UTSW job: Food server in the cafeteria at the former St. Paul University Hospital in 1993.

Best part about my job: I enjoy communicating with the patients and my co-workers.

How co-workers describe me: Funny and unique.

Funniest UTSW memory: When I’m looking for items I can’t find on the tray line and I call for it, it’s always on the tray. We always have a good laugh when they tell me to look down for it.

I’m really good at: I’m a good observer.

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. We go out to eat at restaurants and go to the movies and different events with my grandkids.

Surprising fact: I used to sing with a family group at church, weddings, and other events.

Final note: The many opportunities that UT Southwestern has provided allowed me to stay the course in my job, and I’m enjoying my time here.

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