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Erlinda Doman: 25 years

Smiling woman with long dark hair, wearing a blue scrub jacket with the UT Southwestern Medical Center logo.
Erlinda Doman

Registered Nurse Lactation II
Women’s Resource Center, William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital

First UTSW job: Staff Nurse in the Skilled Nursing Unit.

Best part about my job: It is an accomplishment to help new mothers achieve their goals to successfully breastfeed their babies. Seeing the moms and their babies bond brings me joy and keeps me motivated.

How co-workers describe me: They would describe me as hardworking, compassionate, and caring.

Funniest UTSW memory: One day I showed up to work, and my co-workers asked, “What are you doing here? You aren’t on the schedule.” At the time, I was working at two hospitals and didn’t realize I showed up at the wrong one.

I wish I were an instant expert at: I would love to be good at running my own business so I could help my relatives.

Hobbies/passions: I like traveling with my lovely family and caring for my grandkids.

Surprising fact: I am proud to be an Igorot from the great mountains of the Northern Philippines. I speak a combination of languages and dialects from the Philippines.

Final note: I was raised in a family of nurses. This soon influenced me to join the field and find my passion in caring for others.

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