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Lavorris Connally: 30 years

Smiling woman with dark hair, wearing a gray and white print jacket over a white eyelit blouse.
Lavorris Connally

Patient Financial Services Supervisor
Department of Neurology

First UTSW job: I started in the Medical Records Department in 1992, located in the James W. Aston Ambulatory Care Center at the time.

Best part about my job: I’ve worked in different areas of Neurology and have learned so much in each role from my supervisors, managers, and peers. I’ve had the opportunity to grow and move in different directions with new challenges and share successes with my Neurology Department team that works so well together. Most of all, I enjoy helping patients, providers, and my peers and making a difference in health care.

How co-workers describe me: I think they would say I’m a hard worker who is deeply committed, reliable, dedicated, and always striving to be my best with patients and peers.

Best UTSW memory: My favorite memories are celebrating department holiday parties and being able to enjoy good times with co-workers and faculty.

Hobbies: I love listening to music and reading different genres of books. I like hosting our family for various occasions with do-it-yourself projects, trying out new recipes, experimenting with different drinks, home décor, fashion, and making festive treats for my grandchildren when spending time with them. I love it all!

Final note: It’s been an honor to work with the managers, providers, co-workers, friends, and patients at UT Southwestern.

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