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David Blacquiere: 25 years

Smiling bald man, wearing blue scrubs with the UT Southwestern Medical Center logo and metal-rimmed glasses.
David Blacquiere

Registered Nurse II
Bone Marrow Transplant/

First UTSW job: My first and current job here at UT Southwestern is that of Staff Nurse.

Best part about my job: Working with a team of dedicated professionals to make the patient feel better.

How co-workers describe me: I’d say most of my co-workers would describe me as the jokester for the night shift and one who lightens the atmosphere when the wee hours of the morning slowly roll by. They might also describe me as dependable, a team player, and there to be a good sounding board when the need arises.

Best UTSW memory: My best memory would be all the amazing people I’ve worked with and continue to work with on a nightly basis and the awesome gatherings we’ve had at and outside of work.

Hobbies/passions: I enjoy spending time with my friends on my off days, walking my pugs, and of course going home to Canada to visit and hang out with my family and friends in July/August to get away from the Texas heat.

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