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Svetlana Bezprozvannaya: 25 years

Smiling woman with dark hair, wearing a blouse with a dark flower print on a white background and red-rimmed glasses.
Svetlana Bezprozvannaya

Senior Research Scientist
Department of Molecular Biology

Best part about my job: I appreciate the constant challenge it offers. As scientists, we’re challenged to push the boundaries of knowledge while also learning and developing new skills. The collaborative environment and working with passionate and talented people make it stimulating and rewarding.

How co-workers describe me: Thoughtful, easy to work with, and knowledgeable – a team player through and through.

Funniest UTSW memory: When I came to my job interview with Eric Olson, Ph.D., Chair of Molecular Biology, I was unsure of how to find him. When I asked, people said to look for a man with white hair, so I instantly assumed that he was an older gentleman. To my surprise, I met a young and energetic person instead!

I wish I were an instant expert at: With a master’s degree in physics, my focus was math and physics with no liberal arts. Throughout my life I have strived to broaden my knowledge in literature, arts, and history. Becoming an instant expert in one of these fields would be a magical pleasure.

Hobbies: I find joy in reading, knitting, crafting, gardening, and taking long walks with my almost 2-year-old dog, Charlie!

Surprising fact: In my middle and high school years, I competed in high jump at the national level.

Final note: Born in Ukraine, raised in Russia, and having lived across the U.S. most of my adult life, I have experienced a variety of environments in both academic research and the biotech industry. This diverse background enables me to approach problems with an open mind and evaluate from various perspectives.

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