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AHA recognizes UTSW for its commitment to providing high-quality heart failure care

Drs. Maryjane Farr and Jennifer Thibodeau

The American Heart Association (AHA) recognized UT Southwestern nationally with its Get With The Guidelines – Heart Failure Silver Plus with Target: Heart Failure Honor Roll Award for the Medical Center’s commitment to improving outcomes for patients with heart failure – meaning reduced readmissions and more healthy days at home.

About 6.2 million U.S. adults are living with heart failure. While there’s no cure for heart failure, patients can live a quality life by working with their health care team to create and stick with a plan that may include medication, symptom monitoring, and lifestyle changes.


The Get With The Guidelines – Heart Failure quality achievement award is earned by hospitals that demonstrate a commitment to treating patients according to AHA’s most up-to-date guidelines. The program aims to increase healthy days at home and reduce hospital readmissions for heart failure patients.

“UT Southwestern is committed to improving patient care by adhering to the latest treatment guidelines,” said Jennifer Thibodeau, M.D., Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Medical Director of UTSW’s Heart Failure and ECMO programs. “Get With The Guidelines makes it easier for our teams to put proven knowledge and guidelines to work on a daily basis, which studies show can help patients recover better. The end goal is to ensure more people in North Texas can experience longer, healthier lives.”

Each year, program participants qualify for the award recognition by demonstrating how their organization has committed to providing quality care for heart failure patients. In addition to following treatment guidelines, Get With The Guidelines participants also provide education to patients to help them manage their heart failure at home.

UT Southwestern is also recognized on the AHA’s Target: Heart Failure Honor Roll. Hospitals on the Honor Roll meet specific criteria that improve medication adherence, provide early follow-up care and coordination, and enhance patient education. The goal is to further reduce hospital readmissions and help patients improve their quality of life in managing this chronic condition.

“Dr. Thibodeau has been instrumental in her work with Get With The Guidelines here at UTSW, and we applaud her team for this success,” said Maryjane Farr, M.D., Professor of Internal Medicine and Heart Failure Section Chief.

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