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Photo recap: Match Day 2024

Six smiling students hold up blue t-shirts with their match information printed on it. Copy - I Matched into Internal Medicine at UTMB #utswmatch, I Matched into Med-Peds at UTSW #utswmatch, I Matched into OB/GYN at UW #utswmatch, I Matched into Internal Medicine at Jefferson #utswmatch, I Matched into Pediatrics at Phoenix Children's #utswmatch, and I Matched into Psychiatry at Jackson - MS #utswmatch
Matching with your friends is clearly a cause for celebration. Posting for a photo, from left, are: Christine Pho and Zara Khan (front); and Nicholas Sevey, Limi Jamma, Spencer Vogel, and Lilly Carter (back).

On Friday, March 15, more than 200 fourth-year medical students rejoiced to celebrate Match Day 2024. Anticipation led up to the moment as loved ones, friends, and faculty congregated in the gym of the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center to learn where the upcoming graduates would serve their residencies. This year’s festivities included the Dallas Mavericks Drumline and the team’s mascot, Champ. Laughter, tears, and triumph permeated the air as each student unveiled their residency match, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with promise and dedication.

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