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Wellness 2021: UTSW community commits to health on and off the job

Woman doing yoga in room surrounded by plants
"During the pandemic, I have focused on nurturing and nourishing. Through plants, I created a nurturing environment where I can enjoy movement and be filled with peace. The opportunity to nourish my green babies has taught me the importance of nourishing my own body, soul, and mind. Just like plants, we all need water, vitamins, and sunshine," said Macie Lieberman, Anesthesiology and Pain Management.

Members of the UT Southwestern community showed us how they are cultivating wellness in 2021. While many turned to the great outdoors or their four-legged friends for a wellness boost, others found joy while breaking a sweat or filling their stomachs with nutritious meals.

Flip through the gallery below for a look at some of the ways people are making their health a priority this year.

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