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All Heart for Heart Month

Group of young people in lab coats making heart shapes with their hands
Medical students (from left) Lauren Ford, Nathan Garza, Amanda Treviño, Daniel Galvan, Esteban Zapata Nuñez, and Mauricio Valdez put their hearts into it while focused on their studies in Seldin Commons. “Since beginning medical school, the Seldin Commons has not only become our favorite place to study as first-year medical students, but has also become our home. In the Seldin Commons we've laughed, we’ve cried, but more importantly we’ve become our own little family,” Ms. Ford said.

In February, the UT Southwestern community celebrated Heart Month by taking snapshots showing heart symbols at their favorite places across the institution’s various campuses. Congratulations to Kari Carter and Maggie Gray, whose names were selected as the grand prize winners in the photo submission drawing. They won a professional photo session. Additionally, Macie Lieberman, Tamara Mills, and Manju George won swag packs. Flip through the photo gallery below to learn what UTSW community members love about working and learning here.

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