Jijia Wang Lab

Research Interests

Statistical methodology development

Dr. Wang's primary research interest includes the statistical methodology development for the design and analysis of clinical trials, as well as the evaluation of repeated measurements and correlated data. In particular, her work has focused on the power analysis, sample size determination, and experimental design for various longitudinal studies using Frequentist and Bayesian approaches. Within each of these areas, she has developed the methodologies to account for the pragmatic issues such as longitudinal and clustered outcomes, random variability in cluster size, unbalanced randomization, complicated correlation structures, missing data, and small sample sizes.

Collaborative studies 

Another area of Dr. Wang's research interest is the collaboration with clinicians, investigators, and multidisciplinary research teams on a wide range of biomedical and clinical studies.


Selected publications of Dr. Wang


Ph.D. in Biostatistics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

M.S. in Statistics, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

M.Eng. in Biochemical Engineering, Northeast Agricultural University, China

B.S. in Biotechnology, Northeast Agricultural University, China