Lab Members

Lab Members

Members of the Lab

Current members

Ms. Fatma Coskun | (Ph.D. student)
Dr. Pratibha Bhalla| (Post-doctoral fellow)
Dr. Patricia Pichilungue-Reto | (Infectious Disease specialist)
Dr. Igor Dozmorov | (Associate Professor)
Mr. Larry K Huynh | (Medical student, research thesis)
Mr. Austin Thompson | (research assistant)

Affiliated with the lab

Dr. Prithvi Raj | (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Christian Wysocki | (Associate Professor)
Dr. Maite de la Morena | (Professor, U Washington)

Former students

Dr. Lisa A. Pitcher-private sector
Dr. Jennifer A. Young-Research Scientist
Dr. Laura M. Deford-Watts- Assistant Professor, Salem College, NC
Dr. Amy Becker- Instructor, Harvard University, Boston
Dr. Serkan Belkaya-post-doctoral fellow, Rockefeller University
Dr. Ashley Hoover-post-doctoral fellow, OMRF

Former fellows

Dr. Teck-Chun Ayi-researcher in Singapore
Dr. Laura DeFord-Watts-Associate Professor, Salem College, Winston-Salem
Dr. Amy M. Becker-Instructor, Harvard University
Dr. Robert L. Silge, M.D.-currently in medical practice
Dr. David Dougall, Ph.D.-currently in bioinformatics
Dr. Erika von Grote, Ph.D.-High School Science teacher
Dr. Qiumei Du, Ph.D.-Research scientist, Harborview Biotech, Boston