Focal Stroke

CD19+ B cells (green) move next to neurons (red) in the infarct region after focal stroke in mice


Repetitive Hypoxic Preconditioning

Pictorial representation of an anti-inflammatory phenotype in the preconditioned brain (illustration courtesy of C. Johnsen)


B Cell Recruitment

Following stroke, cortical vessels surrounded by astrocytes endfeet (GFAP) upregulate the chemokine CXCL13 (red) to recruit B cells from the periphery


In Vitro Stroke Model

Mixed cortical cultures, with neurons identified by MAP2 (red), are exposed to oxygen-glucose deprivation as an in vitro stroke model

Meet the PI

Ann Stowe, Ph.D.

Our Research

The Stowe Lab conducts both bench and clinical research with the goal of deepening the understanding of the etiology of stroke as well as finding better therapies for those who have suffered a stroke.