Arf & Eye Development

Although it’s known primarily as a tumor suppressor, we have found that Arf also plays an essential role in eye development. Read More.


Skeletal Muscle Differentiation

We are investigating the key factors that control the initial steps in the transition from a proliferating myoblast to a post-mitotic, differentiating myocyte. Read More.



Rhabdomyosarcoma is a pediatric cancer, where the tumor cells resemble skeletal myoblasts that fail to differentiate. We believe a better understanding of muscle differentiation could lead to new treatment strategies. Read More.


Our laboratory work examines the interface between cancer and developmental biology.

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Our lab is composed of scientists with backgrounds in a variety of different fields.

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We are always looking for bright, energetic scientists to join the lab.

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Our research often takes us down new and unexpected avenues. Find out what we've been doing lately.

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