3D Technology in Pediatric Cardiology Program (3TPC)

White 3D printed heart

A 3D printed heart model of a patient with situs inversus and double outlet right ventricle after surgical repair.

The 3D Technology in Pediatric Cardiology Program (3TPC) is our lab’s initiative to better understand congenital heart disease through the use of advanced 3D imaging techniques. We have developed virtual reality tools and used them to improve surgical and interventional planning, as well as to risk-stratify patients for procedures. We are using these technologies clinically as well.

We are also using 3D printing techniques and evaluating material properties and accurate replication of intervention to improve outcomes.

Our team is well-published in the field and are represented on the Society of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance 3D+ Special Interest Group, the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology and Innovation, and more.


Cardiac MRI angiogram of a patient after surgical repair of tetralogy of Fallot.
3D PDF generated from segmentation of the cardiac MRI data into the different cardiac chambers.