Optical Imaging

Optical Imaging Publications

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BLI Publications

A Multi-Camera System for Bioluminescence Tomography in Preclinical Oncology Research. M. A. Lewis, E. Richer, N. V. Slavine V. D. Kodibagkar, T. C. Soesbe, P. P. Antich and R. P. Mason, Diagnostics, 3, 325-343; 2013, doi:10.3390/doi:10.3390/diagnostics3030325.

Tubulin-destabilizing agent BPR0L075 induces vascular-disruption in human breast cancer mammary fat pad xenografts. L. Liu, H. Beck, X. Wang, H.-P. Hsieh, R. P. Mason, and X. Liu, PLoS One 7, 8 e43314 2012 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0043314.

In vivo bioluminescence imaging of tumor hypoxia dynamics of breast cancer brain metastasis in a mouse model. Saha D., Dunn H., Zhou H., Harada H., Hiraoka M., Mason, R.P., Zhao D. J Vis Exp 2011 56.

Antivascular effects of combretastatin A4 phosphate in breast cancer xenograft assessed using dynamic bioluminescence imaging and confirmed by MRI. Zhao D., Richer E., Antich P.P., Mason, R.P. FASEB J. 2008 Jul 22 7 2445-51.

Validating bioluminescence imaging as a high-throughput, quantitative modality for assessing tumor burden. Paroo Z., Bollinger R.A., Braasch D.A., Richer E., Corey D.R., Antich P.P., Mason, R.P. Mol Imaging 2004 Apr 3 2 117-24.

Dynamic bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging of the effects of the antivascular agent Combretastatin-A4P (CA4P) on brain tumor xenografts. Liu L, Mason RP, Gimi B Cancer Lett. 2014 Oct

Fluorescent Imaging Publications

Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Fluorescent Molecular Imaging of Vascular Disruption Induced by Combretastatin-A4P in Tumor Xenografts“, L. Liu, X. Su, R. P. MasonJ. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 101545-1551 (2014)

Development of Intrinsically Photoluminescent and Photostable Polylactones.” Z. Xie, Y. Zhang, L. Liu, H. Weng, R. P. Mason, L. Tang, K. T. Nguyen, J.-T. Hsieh, J. Yang. Adv. Mater. 2014 (online ahead of publication)DOI: 10.1002/adma.201306070

Serial non-invasive monitoring of renal disease following immune-mediated injury using near-infrared optical imaging. Du Y., An S., Liu L., Li L., Zhou X.J., Mason, R.P., Mohan C PLoS ONE 2012 7 9 e43941.

Development of aliphatic biodegradable photoluminescent polymers. Yang J., Zhang Y., Gautam S., Liu L., Dey J., Chen W., Mason, R.P., Serrano C.A., Schug K.A., Tang L. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2009 Jun 106 25 10086-91.

Dynamic near-infrared optical imaging of 2-deoxyglucose uptake by intracranial glioma of athymic mice. Zhou H., Luby-Phelps K., Mickey B.E., Habib A.A., Mason, R.P., Zhao D. PLoS ONE 2009 4 11 e8051.

Chemiluminescent Imaging Publications

"Red-shifted Emission from 1,2-Dioxetane-based Chemiluminescent Reactions" J. Y. Park, J. Gunpat, L. Liu, B. Edwards, A. Christie, X.-J. Xie, L. J. Kricka, and R. P. Mason, Luminescence: The Journal of Biological and Chemical Luminescence, early view DOI 10.1002/bio.2666 2014

Imaging beta-galactosidase activity in human tumor xenografts and transgenic mice using a chemiluminescent substrate. Liu L., Mason, R.P. PLoS ONE 2010 5 8 e12024.

Wavelength shifting of Chemiluminescence using Quantum Dots to enhance Tissue Light penetration E. A. Mason, R. Lopez, and R. P. Mason, Optical Mater. Exp., 6 (4) 1392  (2016) DOI:10.1364/OME.6.001384

In Vivo Chemiluminescent Imaging Agents for Nitroreductase and Tissue Oxygenation Cao, J. Campbell, L. Liu, R. P. Mason, and A. R. Lippert, Analyt. Chem. 88 (9): 4995-5002 (2016) DOI:10.1021/acs.analchem.6b01096


Cerenkov Imaging Publications

On the potential for molecular imaging with Cerenkov luminescence. Lewis M.A., Kodibagkar V.D., Öz OK, Mason, R.P. Opt Lett 2010 Dec 35 23 3889-91.