Multi-modality Molecular Imaging

Commentary on Photoacoustic Tomography.

Multi-modality Molecular Imaging

Non-invasive imaging has transformed pre-clinical studies of physiology, pharmacology, and drug development. Novel instrumentation together with reporter molecules and strategies have provided new insights into disease progression and response to therapy. The ability to effectively tag novel therapeutics provides vital insights into pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics allowing more effective selection of lead drugs and evaluation of their behavior in vivo.

Progressively molecular imaging is making inroads into the clinic transforming traditional radiology from an anatomical discipline to provide prognostic biomarkers. Historical developments and future progress rely on novel chemistry: we are exploring and developing applications of novel molecular reporter strategies to encompass magnetic, radionuclide, and optical tags to facilitate progress in such modalities as fluorescence, chemiluminescence, PET-SPECT and MRI. 


Multi-modality approaches

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