Our Mission

To innovate, develop, and apply artificial intelligence technologies to empower clinicians, especially those with less experience or limited resources, for improved patient care.

About the Lab

MAIA Lab is an ecosystem facilitating AI research, clinical translation, education, and commercialization by providing a range of resources—from open-source databases and specialized human resources to networking and collaborative opportunities.


We try to establish a platform to promote research collaborations among AI researchers and clinicians and to facilitate clinical translation, implementation, and evaluation of AI technologies.

Meet Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team consists of technical researchers and clinicians, dedicated to the development and deployment of AI technologies to improve patient care—particularly in resource-limited settings and for less experienced clinicians.

AIM Seminars

Our AI in Medicine Seminar Series, typically held Tuesdays at noon, includes renowned experts presenting their work and thoughts in various areas and on various aspects of applying AI in medicine. Our hope is to create collaboration ideas for MAIA Lab members.