More than meets the eyepiece

Pancreatic islet β-cells may look similar, but their hormone-secretion activities may differ...

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ZnT8, Zinc & Diabetes

You wouldn't zinc they are related!

Malfunction of cellular Zn2+ homeostasis is implicated in a number of human diseases including diabetes. 

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Making β-Cells Great Again

Sustained elevated levels of saturated free fatty acids, such as palmitate, contribute to beta cell dysfunction, a phenomenon aggravated by high glucose levels. Using chemical biology and drug design, we aim to promote beta cells survival. 

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JDRF Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

December 2017 | Ebrahim was awarded the JDRF Postdoc Fellowship that will aid him to develop targeted-delivery of probes to islet cells for the next 3 years! Learn about JDRF grant opportunities!

Welcome Aboard!

September 2017 | Md. Kamrul is the newest postdoc in our group! He joined us from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Another Milestone!

December 2017 | Jing was just awarded a Master degree in Biology from UT Dallas. He will now begin his Ph.D. program to study with us.


To New Beginnings!

December 2017 | The Li lab would like to wish all its members and collaborators happy holidays and a year of ground-breaking discoveries!

Happy New Year!