News & Openings

News and Openings


We are always on the lookout for highly motivated graduate students and postdocs, with interest and/or background in quantitative microscopy, computational biology and/or receptor signaling.

At this moment, we are particularly in need of students and postdocs with computational skills interested in image and data analysis (including machine learning).

Interested students should apply to the UT Southwestern graduate school, but can also send inquiries to

Interested postdocs should send an email with their CV and research statement, describing their past accomplishments and future interests, to



June 2018: 

          Deryl is enjoying his research so much that he has extended his stay with us as a SURF-affiliate over the summer. We look forward to continuing our work with you, Deryl!

          Albert Zhang, who recently graduated from Highland Park High School, started a summer internship with us. Albert is interested in computer science and computational image analysis.

May 2018: 

          We are excited that Xian Cheng will join the lab as a postdoctoral fellow in September 2018. Xian did her PhD with Prof. Thomas Record at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

          Khuloud and Bruno attended Colton's final presentation at Frisco High School about his independent study with us. Good luck Colton with your upcoming undergraduate studies at Rice University!

March 2018: Tony's paper about transient motion analysis appeared in the March 13th issue of Biophysical Journal (Vega et al. Biophys. J. 2018. Multi-step track segmentation and motion classification for transient mobility analysis).

           Download DC-MSS software from here.

January 2018: Lots of news!

          Tony's work on transient motion analysis got accepted for publication in Biophysical Journal.

          Our collaborators' work that employs Tony's software ("DC-MSS") just got published in Cell (Freeman, Vega, ...., Jaqaman, Grinstein Cell 2018. Transmembrane pickets connect cyto- and pericellular-skeletons forming barriers to receptor engagement).

          Way to go, Tony!

          Deryl Tschoerner from UTD started working in the lab as a Green Fellow. He is a mathematics major and we are excited about the mathematical and computational skills he brings to his project.

          Colton Alstatt from Frisco High School started doing an independent study with us.

December 2017: Tony was selected to give a platform talk at the Biophysical Society 2018 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. He also received a UTSW GSO travel award to attend the meeting. Congratulations, Tony!

September 2017: Khuloud and Andrew Jamieson (Bioinformatics) devised and taught a Nanocourse on Computational Image Analysis.