News & Openings

News and Openings


We are always on the lookout for highly motivated graduate students and postdocs, with interest and/or background in quantitative microscopy, computational biology and/or receptor signaling.

WE HAVE AN OPENING FOR A COMPUTATIONAL STUDENT OR POSTDOC to further develop FISIK, a computational framework that we have devised to extract molecular interaction rates from single-molecule imaging data. You can read more about FISIK in our just out-of-the-oven Biophys. J. article.

Interested students should apply to the UT Southwestern graduate school, but can also send inquiries to

Interested postdocs should send an email with their CV and research statement, describing their past accomplishments and future interests, to



August 2019: Luciana's paper about her mathematical modeling framework to extract molecular interaction rates from single-molecule imaging data (FISIK) got accepted for publication in Biophysical J. We are excited!

April 2019: Tra Ngo, graduate student in the Genetics, Development and Disease program, joined the lab. With her background in biology and mathematics, she is a perfect fit for the lab. Welcome, Tra!

February 2019: Jesus Vega-Lugo, graduate student in the Molecular Biophysics program, joined the lab.  Jesus was a SURF student with us in Summer 2017, and we are excited to have him back. Welcome back, Jesus!

January 2019: Tony has moved on - we will miss you, Tony! He took on a joint postdoctoral position between the Diamond and Rajaram labs at UTSW, where he will extend his image analysis skills into the world of machine learning, and apply them to study neurodegenerative diseases.


December 2018: Tony Vega defended his dissertation. The lab's first graduate student - what an exciting time! Congratulations Tony. 

September 2018: Xian Cheng joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Xian did her PhD with Prof. Thomas Record at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied atom-atom interactions. In the Jaqaman lab, she wants to extend her research to molecule-molecule interactions. Welcome Xian!