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We are a group of biophysicists, cell biologists and computational folks interested in the spatiotemporal organization of cell surface receptors, the mechanisms underlying it, and its consequences for cell signaling. We utilize light microscopy, particularly single-molecule and super-resolution imaging, to monitor molecular behavior in its native cellular environment, and we develop computer vision and mathematical modeling approaches to quantitate the observed behavior and gain insight beyond what the eye can see.


We hope that you enjoy the following 2-min Science Sketch video about the lab ...

 ... and our recent publications and preprints:


Ditlev J. A., Vega A. R., Koster D. V., Su X., Lakoduk A., Vale R. D., Mayor S.#, Jaqaman K.# and Rosen M. K.# (2019). A composition-dependent molecular clutch between T cell signaling condensates and actin. eLife 8:e42695.

De Oliveira L. R. and Jaqaman K. (2019). FISIK: Framework for the Inference of in Situ Interaction Kinetics from single-molecule imaging data. Biophys. J., In Press.

Kittisopikul M., Vahabikashi A., Shimi T., Goldman R. D. and Jaqaman K. (2019). Adaptive-Resolution Multi-Orientation Analysis of Complex Filamentous Network. Preprint on BioRXiv.

For a complete list of publications, please go to the K. Jaqaman search page on PubMed.