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The Jaqaman Lab is interested in the spatiotemporal organization of cell surface receptors, the mechanisms underlying it, and its consequences for receptor signaling. To achieve this we combine light microscopy experiments, such as single-molecule and super-resolution imaging, with computational image analysis and mathematical modeling.


*** Recently published ...

Vega A., Freeman S. A., Grinstein S., Jaqaman K. (2018). Multi-step track segmentation and motion classification for transient mobility analysisBiophys. J. 114: 1018 – 1025.

Freeman S. A., Vega A., Riedl M., Collins R. F., Ostrowski P. P., Woods E. C., Bertozzi C. R., Tammi M. I., Lidke D. S., Johnson P., Mayor S., Jaqaman K., Grinstein S. (2018). Transmembrane pickets connect cyto- and pericellular-skeletons forming barriers to receptor engagement. Cell 172: 305 – 317.

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