Cancer Imaging & Surgery

Over 1 million cancer surgeries are performed in the US and 5 million worldwide each year. Obtaining tumor-free surgical margins is important to achieve disease-free survival while minimizing removal of normal tissues is equally important to preserve quality of life. To achieve clear margin delineation in a broad set of tumors with diverse tissue origin and cancer genotypes/phenotypes, we have developed a transistor-like pH threshold sensor to image tumor acidosis, a universal cancer hallmark downstream of deregulated energetics (e.g., Warburg effect). HomoFRET-induced fluorescence quenching was employed at the micelle state to abolish fluorescent signals during blood circulation, but allow exponential activation in the mildly acidic tumor microenvironment. The signal amplification strategy allowed the detection of occult tumor nodules <1 mm in size. Real-time, fluorescence-guided surgery achieved >70% cancer cures in mice bearing head and neck tumors. Recently completed Phase 1 trial demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of the UPS nanosensor (ONM-100) in tumor detection, which led to a fast track status for a multi-centered Phase 2 trial by the FDA.

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