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Overlapping biomarkers, pathways, processes and syndromes in lymphatic development, growth and neoplasia.

Witte MH, Dellinger MT, Papendieck CM, Boccardo F Clin. Exp. Metastasis 2012 Oct 29 7 707-27

Connexin37 and Connexin43 deficiencies in mice disrupt lymphatic valve development and result in lymphatic disorders including lymphedema and chylothorax.

Kanady JD, Dellinger MT, Munger SJ, Witte MH, Simon AM Dev. Biol. 2011 Jun 354 2 253-66

Lymphangiogenesis and hemangiogenesis: potential targets for therapy.

Witte MH, Dellinger MT, McDonald DM, Nathanson SD, Boccardo FM, Campisi CC, Sleeman JP, Gershenwald JE J Surg Oncol 2011 May 103 6 489-500

Phosphorylation of Akt and ERK1/2 is required for VEGF-A/VEGFR2-induced proliferation and migration of lymphatic endothelium.

Dellinger MT, Brekken RA PLoS ONE 2011 6 12 e28947

Lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome without FOXC2 mutation: evidence for chromosome 16 duplication upstream of FOXC2.

Witte MH, Erickson RP, Khalil M, Dellinger M, Bernas M, Grogan T, Nitta H, Feng J, Duggan D, Witte CL Lymphology 2009 Dec 42 4 152-60

Novel FOXC2 missense mutation identified in patient with lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome and review.

Dellinger MT, Thome K, Bernas MJ, Erickson RP, Witte MH Lymphology 2008 Sep 41 3 98-102

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