January 2017 News

Schafer article journal's most downloaded last year

Schafer et. al, 2016, Figure 4b

Congratulations to Claudia Schafer whose article in Convergent Science Physical Oncology (CSPO) was the journal's most downloaded paper for 2015-2016! In the short period of September – December 2016, her article,  Differential KrasV12 protein levels control a switch regulating lung cancer cell morphology and motility, was downloaded nearly 600 times. The CSPO journal was launched in 2015 to publish research of the highest quality and impact that integrates physical sciences, cancer biology and clinical oncology. 

Gaudenz Danuser receives NIH R01 award 

Effective January 1, 2017 the Danuser lab receives a 4-year competing renewal of the NIH grant Mechanochemical regulation of actin-mediated cell protrusion (R01 GM 071868). The award funds imaging experiments that elucidate regulatory pathways of actin dynamics during cell protrusion. This data is a major inspiration for the development of mathematical methods for perturbation-free inference of functional causality among pathway components from constitutive image fluctuations.