Cell mechanics orchestrates cell metabolism

Park et al. discovered a mechanism by which epithelial cells adjust glucose metabolism to extracellular matrix stiffness.


How does cell shape shape cells?

Driscoll et al. publishes u-shape3D, a suite of computational tools to investigate how 3D cellular morphology governs intracellular signaling.


Killer Lamellipodia

Mohan et al. publishes evidence for cell morphology dictating oncogenic proliferation signals.


Coupling discrete and continuous signals

Azoitei, Noh et al. publish work that establishes based on a new biosensor and a novel statistical that microtubule catastrophe events promote activation of the RhoA GEF GEF-H1.


A Sensitive Classifier for Endocytosis

Wang et al. developed an unsupervised classification for endocytosis based on a bimodality discovered in the disassembly dynamics of clathrin.

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