Welcome to the Busch Lab at UT Southwestern

Our lab develops optical technologies for non- and minimally-invasive bedside assessment of microvascular blood flow and oxygen saturation, allowing continuous assessment of oxygen metabolism. We utilize diffuse optical and correlation spectroscopies to provide continuous, quantitative of brain and spinal cord health during critical care.

Current projects:

Monitoring cerebral hemodynamics during pediatric extracorporeal circulatory support

  • Collaborators: Lakshmi Raman M.D. (Children’s Health Center) Fenghua Tian Ph. D. (UT Arlington)
  • Funding: Hartwell Foundation


Developing tools for spatially-resolved continuous intraoperative measurement of spinal cord blood flow

  • Collaborators: Thomas Floyd M.D., Wei Lin Ph. D. (Stony Brook University), Arjun Yodh Ph. D. (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Funding: NIH-NINDS (U01-NS095761 Floyd PI)