Cell Tracking

In Vivo Glioblastoma Cell Tracking with Optical Tomography

The development of highly sensitive bioluminescence reporter, e.g., Akaluc and Akalumine-HCL, enables cell tracking in vivo. Through our advanced bioluminescence tomography (BLT) system, we are investigating the potential combination of BLT with the Akaluc reporter to investigate glioblastoma (GBM) cell migration. GBM is an aggressive type of cancer that develops in the brain. Patients typically survive 12-15 months from diagnosis, with fewer than 3 to 7% who survive longer than 5 years. Because of their diffuse nature, GBM stem cells are difficult to be completely removed by surgery and may also cause resistance to conventional treatments and high recurrence rates. Therefore, understanding how the GBM stem cells migrate is a key step toward developing therapeutic intervention. We will integrate BLT with a high-resolution cone beam CT system and utilize the new BL reporter to enable in vivo GBM cell tracking.