Education at UT Southwestern

Our three schools are home to learners who are receiving a world-class education – trained by the best in their fields – to meet the state's health care needs.

UT Southwestern has the largest public graduate medical education and biomedical sciences Ph.D. programs in Texas.

Student Enrollment (Fall 2019)

Exceptional Faculty

As leaders in health care and medical discovery, UT Southwestern's research faculty has brought prominence to Texas and positioned the state as a leader in health care.

UT Southwestern has more NAS members than all other medical institutions in Texas combined.

*Awarded since 1985.

Building a Skilled and Productive Workforce

In addition to ensuring the good health of Texans, health professionals who have graduated from UT Southwestern contribute economically to the state.

UT Southwestern training produces:

*Based on economic analysis by The Perryman Group. Estimated economic impacts shown are on an annual basis.