Staff Openings

Staff Openings

Postdoctoral Position

An NSF-funded Postdoctoral Position is available immediately to explore the interaction between light- and food-entrainable oscillators in the mouse circadian system. Behavioral measurements and luminescence reporter techniques using photon-counting/imaging will be used to monitor circadian rhythms from the single-cell level to the whole organism.

Previous training in molecular biology is preferred. Experience with rodents and cell/tissue culture is desirable, but not required. However, the postdoc will be expected to perform rodent experiments. Applicants must have:

  • A Ph.D. degree or equivalent
  • A demonstrated ability to write and publish in English-language journals
  • Knowledge of circadian rhythms is preferred, but not required

UT Southwestern Medical Center offers an exceptional environment for postdoctoral training in neuroscience. Our circadian group, including Joseph Takahashi, Ph.D., Carla Green, Ph.D., Yi Liu, Ph.D., and myself, will provide a stimulating research environment.

Interested candidates should send their CV and references to:

Research Assistant

A Research Assistant position is also available.