Molecular architecture of cell regulation

The broad goal of our research is to contribute to uncovering the molecular nature of cell autonomous regulatory mechanisms permitting appropriate responses of human cells to their environment. Read More


Cancer cell biology

Oncogenic corruption of basic cell biological systems supporting cell shape, organellar communication, and genomic stability is a fundamental trait governing pathological bypass of cell-autonomous restraints on proliferation and survival. Read More.


Intervention target discovery

Diversity in the genetic lesions that drive cancer initiation and progression is extreme. Read More.


We study molecular mechanisms for controlling cell growth and differentiation. 

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Science is a team sport. Our dedicated researchers, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and students tackle cancer biology questions that require approaching problems from multiple perspectives. Learn More


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To help bridge the data to knowledge gap downstream of cell-based high-throughput phenotypic screens – we are building tools to maximize the efficiency of data collection, data processing, and data analytics.

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