Our Team

Yan Xu, Ph.D.

Yan Xu, Ph.D.

Yan Xu is the manager of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Next Generation Sequencing Clinical Laboratory. She completed her Ph.D studies at the Wuhan University in the Department of Cell Biology and her postdoctoral research at UTSW on diabetes and polycystic kidney disease. She joined the NGS CLIA Lab in 2016 as a scientist and contributed to initial setup of the lab and participated in all assay validations. Since that time, Yan received the molecular biology certification from ASCP and data science certification from SMU. During her spare time, she enjoys music and soccer with her family.






Key Publications

Xu Y, Chen Y, Li D, Liu Q, Xuan Z, Li WH. TargetLink, a new method for identifying the endogenous target set of a specific microRNA in intact living cells. RNA Biol. 2017

Xu Y, Wang H, Zhou J, Lei Y, Zhou Y, Yang Q, Ye D, Li W, Deng F. Zebrafish Nanos interacts with and regulates the phosphorylation of Mylz2. Biochimie. 2010

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Xu Y, Zou P, Liu Y, Deng F. Discovery, characterization and expression of a novel zebrafish gene, znfr, important for notochord formation. Mol Biol Rep. 2010

Xu Y, Lei Y, Liu Q, Liu Y, Liu S, Cheng H, Deng F. Cloning, characterization and expression of zvep, a novel vitelline envelope-specific gene in the zebrafish ovary. Mol Reprod Dev. 2009