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Ward Wakeland, Ph.D.

Ward Wakeland

Edward K. Wakeland, PhD, an internationally recognized immunologist, holds the Edwin L. Cox Distinguished Chair in Immunology and Genetics and is a Professor in the Department of Immunology. He joined the faculty of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1998 and is the founding Director of the Genomics and Microarray Core facility. He is also the Scientific Director of the Next Generation Sequencing Clinical Laboratory and its Research Genomics Core.

An expert on the genetic basis for susceptibility to autoimmune disease, Dr. Wakeland’s labs have made significant advances in the study of lupus. He is the author of more than 220 scientific publications. He also pioneered the application of NGS to the analysis of genetic risk loci for systemic autoimmunity in human populations. The primary focus of his current research has been the development of genomic technologies for the advancement of personalized medicine.

Dr. Wakeland was a member of the National Science Foundation Advisory Panel for Eukaryotic Genetics and the National Institutes of Health Genetics of Health and Disease, Immunological Sciences and Biological Sciences Study sections. He was also the Chair of the NIH Special Emphasis study section, the Chair of the Genetics Initiative Planning Committee for the Alliance for Lupus Research, and a member of the American Cancer Society National Scientific Advisory Committee for Immunology.

He has served on the editorial boards or review boards of Current Opinion in Immunology, Arthritis and Rheumatology, and Immunogenetics. Dr. Wakeland has mentored nearly 50 doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows from the United States, Europe and Asia. He has been a visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge, Tokyo University and the Chinese National Academy of Science.

Key Publications

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