Join a Research Registry

Volunteer Research Participant Registry 

UT Southwestern’s Research Participant Registry is a database that matches volunteers (healthy or with a particular condition) with research studies that need them. These might be clinical trials to test new medicines or devices, or perhaps studies that use interviews or surveys to better understand health or behavior.

Our Registry allows patients who use MyChart, our electronic patient portal, to opt in to become a member of our volunteer database and potentially be matched with a research study.

To learn more about how you can be a part of the future of medicine, visit the Volunteer Research Participant Registry.  

Community Research Registry

The Community Research Registry (CRR) serves as a link between individuals who are interested in participating in research and investigators who want to recruit a diverse sample of study participants. All adults age 18+ are invited to participate in the Health Topics Survey. As studies become available, registry members are recruited. To join the Registry, please fill out our Health Topics Survey.

El Registro de la Comunidad (CRR) por sus siglas en Ingles) sirve como una manera de unir a las personas interesadas en participar en estudios de investigación con los investigadores que buscan diferentes participantes para sus estudios. Adultos mayores de 18 años de edad están invitados a participar en la Encuesta de Temas de Salud. A medida que los estudios están disponibles, reclutamos personas del Registro para participar. Para unirse al Registro de la Comunidad, por favor complete la Encuesta de Temas de Salud.