Office of Clinical Research

Clinician speaking to patient who is reclined in hospital chair

UT Southwestern seeks to harness the ground breaking discoveries in basic research to improve the health and well-being of the population of the DFW area and beyond. As a premier academic medical center with faculty having deep expertise in clinical care and clinical research across a wide array of disease states in patients of all ages, UT Southwestern provides opportunities for research participants and investigators at the UT Southwestern hospitals and clinics and at our affiliates Children’s Health Systems of Texas (CHST) and Parkland Health Hospital Systems (PHHS). The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) at UT Southwestern provides the infrastructure to support and promote clinical research, helping UT Southwestern advance the future of medicine.

Goals of OCR

  • Strengthen the institutional infrastructure and address the operational impediments to the conduct of clinical research through team building.
  • Create high functioning matrix organizations to address different research-related challenges.
  • Strengthen communication between UT Southwestern and its affiliates.
  • Strengthen connections between investigators, community practitioners and the lay public, with community health clinics, and with community stakeholders throughout DFW.
  • Expand clinical trial and clinical research activities at UT Southwestern.
  • Educate and empower the various members of the clinical research teams.
  • Promote collaborations with practitioners at Texas Health Resources, at other academic institutions, and with industry sponsors.

The OCR works closely with Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), Academic Information Systems (AIS), UT Southwestern Investigational Review Board, and the Offices of Research Administration at PHHS and CHST.

Embedded in OCR

Office of Clinical Research Personnel  
Office of Clinical Trial Management  
Clinical Research Unit  
Investigational Drug Services  
Office of Community Engagement, Participant Recruitment, & Retention