Consulting and Speaking

Faculty Consulting Relationships

All consulting agreements must contain the UT Southwestern Medical Center Uniform Terms and Conditions.

All consulting agreements must contain the following language in the body of the agreement:

"Attached to this Agreement are the uniform consulting agreement terms and conditions required for approval of this activity by UT Southwestern Medical Center (the “Uniform Terms and Conditions”). The parties agree that the Uniform Terms and Conditions are an integral part of this Agreement, and this Agreement shall have no force or effect unless these Uniform Terms and Conditions are signed by both parties. In the event there is any conflict between this Agreement and the Uniform Terms and Conditions, the Uniform Terms and Conditions shall govern."

Prior to finalizing consulting agreements, faculty members must contact the COI Office to confirm the agreements meet COI requirements.

Promotional Speaking

Participation in the following activity is not permitted: Marketing and training programs designed solely or predominantly for sales, marketing, or promotional purposes. This includes Industry-sponsored speaking engagements typically referred to as "speakers bureaus” (i.e., contractual relationships to give talks in which the topic(s) and/or content are provided by the company) that are solely or predominately promotional in nature.

Faculty members must retain full control and authority over any professional materials they present. Such communications or presentations may not be subject to approval by any commercial interest other than approval for the use of proprietary information.

NOTE: If the speaking engagement is scholarly, scientific, or academic in nature (e.g. health related presentation to AHA), it is permissible even if it is contractually referred to as a “speakers bureau.”  Presentations must follow ACCME Guidelines, as applicable.