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Resident Research-Intensive Training Experience (R2ITE)

Our existing PSTP requires commitments to specific fellowship paths at the time of residency enrollment. This serves a practical purpose, but restricts the “on-ramp” opportunities for residents who have yet to commit to a fellowship. The R²ITE track in Pediatrics, Surgery, and Internal Medicine enables continuous research engagement during residency and its transitions, and encourages trainees to discover their research interests.  Administered by the TARDIS, R²ITE encompasses a two-year laboratory-based research program, work-in-progress seminars, rigorous journal clubs lead by faculty investigators and fellows, and career planning.

Current Program Directors of TARDIS participating Residency Programs: Dr. Salahuddin Kazi, Department of Internal Medicine; Dr. Karemm AbdelFattah, Department of Surgery and Dr. Jeffrey McKinney, Department of Pediatrics
Current participating Residency Program Directors