Submission and Review Process

Proposal Submission Process

  1. Contact Bryan Elwood ( or 214-648-8487) to vet your proposal idea with PCOR Center faculty, and submit a one-page letter of intent to Bryan that includes a project summary with aims, outcomes, and stakeholder engagement plan.
  2. Bryan will coordinate a review of your project with PCOR Center faculty or scholars with expertise in your discipline who will provide feedback to ensure the project is compatible with UTSW PCOR Small Project Awards Review Criteria.
  3. the completed application template, biosketches, and a Human Subjects Protection plan.

Review and Funding Process

  1. PCOR Center reviewers evaluate the application (see “UTSW Small Project Awards Review Criteria”).
  2. Reviewer comments and recommendations are provided to the applicant.
  3. Investigator returns the final proposal to Bryan for submission to for review.
  4. If the project has not already been submitted to the IRB for review, the PI must do so at the time the final proposal is returned for submission to AHRQ.  (Projects must be approved by the IRB prior to funding.)
  5. AHRQ will make the final decision about funding the proposal.
  6. AHRQ will release funds for approved pilot projects upon confirmation of the project’s approval by the UTSW IRB.
  7. Investigators who receive funding will be expected to present study design and/or results at a UTSW PCOR Center seminar and to our Community Advisory Panel.

Allowable Budget Expenses

  1. Personnel: 
    1. Research staff costs (research assistants/graduate students, field work, data entry/acquisition, programming, transcriptions, materials, project-related travel, etc). 
    2. For faculty on 9-month appointments only, up to $2,000 of summer salary is an allowable expense.
  2. Patient and Family Stakeholders:  Compensation is allowed for participant incentives and local travel expenses.
  3. Project-Related Travel: 
    1. Local travel required to conduct the research
    2. Travel to present research results is allowed and encouraged.
    3. Routine travel is allowable at the lowest round-trip fare.  Lodging and meal expense is allowable.
  4. Equipment:  Applicant should establish that such equipment is not reasonably available elsewhere for the proposed project and is critical to completion of the project.

Non-Allowable Budget Expenses

  1. Food/consumable supplies
  2. Salary for 12-month faculty is not an allowable expense.