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Qualitative Methods

The cluster is led by Simon Craddock Lee, Ph.D., M.P.H., Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences. Dr. Lee is a medical anthropologist with expertise in qualitative and mixed methods research. His research focuses on cancer health disparities in safety-net settings.

The Cluster will be a central resource to facilitate hypothesis generation within developmental strategies to identify appropriate study designs, recruitment strategies, and intervention plans. It will help identify the best (mixed) methods for answering particular research questions and, as appropriate, facilitate the conduct of qualitative components of research projects including the following:

  • Multiple strategies for systematic data collection including sample selection and source triangulation
  • Conceptual design and development of guides/scripts for structured, semi-structured, dyadic, and open or ethnographic interviewing for a range of stakeholder respondent types
  • Design implementation and moderator facilitation of focus groups for a range of stakeholders
  • Guidance in the conceptualization and operationalization of constructs, measures, and metrics for the analysis of race, ethnicity, class, culture, health literacy, quality of life, and patient satisfaction
  • Assessment of organizational/human factors and social-behavioral dynamics among key stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, staff, administrators, policy makers, and community members
  • Analysis and interpretation of qualitative data using multiple theoretical paradigms and software-assisted techniques to demonstrate validity and reliability (e.g. NVivo Server 10 for team analysis)
  • Procedures and infrastructure required for appropriate budget development, recording and software support, transcription sourcing, systematic analysis, and interpretation processes