Intervention Development

Celette Skinner, Ph.D., Chief of Behavioral & Communication Sciences, and Jasmin Tiro, Ph.D., lead the Intervention Development Cluster. This Cluster increases access to and provides guidance on developing, implementing, and evaluating interventions including:

  • Selecting and applying health behavior theory to problems identified by stakeholders
  • Selecting intervention strategies that engage and balance needs of a broad range of stakeholders
  • Selecting appropriate intervention media (print, telephone, web-based programs, interpersonal interventions delivered through lay health advisors or health care teams)
  • Developing and refining intervention messages through cognitive interviews with relevant stakeholders
  • Linking with vendors for video production, brochure development, and computer/web-based applications
  • Coordinate with Spanish Language Research Resource for Spanish intervention materials
  • Selecting study designs to evaluate intervention efficacy and effectiveness
  • Working with clinics and community members to plan feasibility and facilitate partnerships
  • Training faculty and staff in cultural competency for community and clinic-based interventions