The Biostatistics Cluster provides statistical support for the design, planning, monitoring, analysis, and interpretation of R24 Center projects.

Chul Ahn, Ph.D., CTSA Biostatistics Key Function Director, and Song Zhang, Ph.D., lead the Cluster. Their expertise includes:

  • New design approaches to randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with clustered measurements, longitudinal measurements, historical controls, community intervention, and cost analyses.
  • Adaptive RCT designs for studies requiring repeat treatments and flexible designs for interim monitoring of safety and efficacy endpoints.
  • Accounting for potential biases in observational studies, including propensity score, instrumental variables, marginal structured models, and sensitivity analysis.
  • Bayesian hierarchical models for missing data imputation, disease mapping, joint analysis of survival and longitudinal data, and derivation and validation of predictive models.