Popular Science


Dr. Celette Sugg Skinner, Chair of the Department of Population and Data Sciences, brings a new perspective to campus to help solve pressing problems in North Texas.

In perfect harmony


Songbird studies offer researchers insight into stuttering, autism

Uncharted territory


Scientists with unique expertise take UT Southwestern research in new directions.

Heavy hitter takes on good fat, bad fat


For years, everyone viewed body fat as unhealthy. Dr. Scherer’s research changes that thinking.

Metabolism and malignancy


Tracking the fuel that cancer cells devour to grow

Double-duty drug discovery


Identifying potential pharmaceuticals with action against cancer and heart disease

Breakthrough after breakthrough


Like the fictional Sherlock Holmes, UT Southwestern biochemist Dr. Zhijian “James” Chen approaches scientific mysteries by applying his keen observational skills and an uncanny ability to follow clues to their logical, satisfying conclusions.

Viral avenger


Dr. Julie Pfeiffer’s refusal to back down from a challenge pays off in her studies of poliovirus.

C(PRIT) into the future


Backed by a $6 million Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas grant, UT Southwestern researchers are teaming up to study how radiation activates the immune system to fight cancer.

The maverick of big data


How did composing modern music and motivating teams under extreme environmental conditions contribute to Dr. Gaudenz Danuser’s unique perspective?