Core Competencies

Close encounters of the 3D kind


Scientists trying to see small features in large tissue samples know it's a time-consuming, often frustrating task.

Brain power to the max


Whole brain microscopy allows researchers to peer inside neurons at the deepest cellular levels – and faster than ever before.

A sharper focus


Core facility’s sophisticated microscopes let campus researchers peer inside living cells.

Internal affairs in the Metabolic Phenotyping Core


UTSW research facilities offer advanced techniques and equipment.

Gut check


Introducing the Microbiome Research Laboratory, a new campus resource for in-depth study of intestinal bacteria.

Dissecting data to defeat disease


The Bioinformatics Core Facility helps researchers across campus add world-class bioinformatics components to their work.

Synthetic chemistry core: Improving potency, stability, safety


Across UT Southwestern, ongoing collaborations in medicinal chemistry strive to improve the potency, stability, and safety of biologically active small molecules.

Expanding at the core


UT Southwestern's High-Throughput Screening Core has expanded to encompass more than 330,000 chemical compounds and an arrayed CRISPR gene-editing library.