Behind the Research

Space-age science


Dr. Benjamin Levine’s career reads like an adventure novel.

Back from the dead


UT Southwestern molecular biologist conducts high-risk, high-reward research on pseudoenzymes.

Evolutionary advances


Free flight of the scientific imagination

The coming epidemic?


NAFLD could soon become the leading cause of liver transplants.

Following research – and life – where it leads


Dr. Lu Le earned international recognition for figuring out why mice – and possibly people – get gray hair and go bald as they age.

Hairpin turns ahead: Scientists identify the ‘Big Bang’ of Alzheimer’s


A UT Southwestern research team uncovers the precise point at which a healthy tau protein turns toxic.

To Woods Hole and beyond: A team approach to scientific discovery


Dr. Michael Rosen recently led a major international experiment that posed the question: How can researchers best structure teams to speed discovery?

A meeting of the minds


Those who know Dr. Josep Rizo can understand his fascination with the brain. After all, he's a man of more than two minds – equally at home in neuroscience, in art, and in chess, to name a few.